High Standards That Guarantee Unparallelled Quality

Quality control is essential for Rito Mints. The company imposes benchmarks that exceed the highest standards of the food industry. At all levels of production, products and equipment are inspected according to rigorous hygiene standards set by the company.

Rito Mints also holds a GFSI / SQF accreditation, globally recognized by retailers, distributors and manufacturers. The Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification program offers the safety of a rigorous and credible food management system that helps reduce measurement inconsistencies and costs of multiple evaluation standards. It is also the only system to integrate quality and food safety components. The SQF program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which connects the primary production certification for food manufacturing, distribution and management certification.

For Rito Mints, this certification helps to raise the standards of the company and to promise to its present and future customers a quality product respecting international standards, according to the reputation of a GFSI / SQF accredited factory. Consumers now demand an unwavering respect of food safety standards. This accreditation is a tangible and reliable evidence that the safety control systems are in place to ensure an impeccable product.

Rito candy products are also subject to several inspections to ensure their superior and impeccable quality. The result? Mints and Conversation Hearts with an impeccable appearance without any flaws, up to the high standards of excellence that are the hallmarks of Rito since 1957.

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